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"Steve’s been a great consultant over the years, helping to guide us through the many difficulties of running and growing a business." - Richard Delery, Co-Founder, The Bag Stand Company

"With a strong foundation in the financial side of business, Steve is able to quickly identify the main issues and obstacles in a company's growth.  Among his strengths is the ability to provide owners and senior managers with very direct and sensitive feedback and recommendations for their companies, with no concern over internal politics.  I am happy to recommend Steve Nitzberg." - David Orr, SVP & Regional Manager, Manufacturers Bank


Steve Nitzberg came to Los Angeles years ago as a CPA. As his career progressed, though, he found himself in far different roles.


Along the way, he has served in capacities including accountant, chief financial officer, chief operations officer, and chief executive officer, for both domestic and international companies. His experience at all business stages in numerous industries provides invaluable, and rare, insight to companies seeking growth, reorganization, or both. 


Steve is the rare accounting expert with legitimate operations experience. His ability to rapidly decipher the financial health and potential value of any business combines perfectly with his practical ability to translate data to actionable operations strategies and solutions. 

Steve's genuine business expertise is borne of his undeniable skill ability to effectively identify profit and risk as they relate to operations and finance. 

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Hiring Consultants


Having sat at both sides of the desk, I’ve sought consultants for my businesses and for my clients over the years. I’ve also, of course, served as a consultant to scores of businesses during my career.  In my role as consultant, I most often draw from my experience hiring consultants; I am constantly aware of what type of consultant I am because I so well understand the type of consultants that I have sought or encountered accidentally for my businesses or those of my clients.

The (Business) Doctor Is In


Even when you feel perfectly healthy, you probably make it a point to see your doctor on a regular basis. You might go for a physical examination to ensure continued well-being and for the prevention of illness. You might talk with your doctor about nutrition, exercise and the latest research on heart health so that you can benefit from her expert knowledge. And should the doctor find something wrong with you, she can immediately get you started on a treatment plan. After your doctor visit, you feel more vital because you have new information to help you keep well or improve your health.

When did your business last see a doctor?

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Steve Nitzberg empowers companies to realize their potential profitability through meticulous strategic planning and data-driven operational analysis.


Whether you need a part time CFO or COO, or an experienced finance and operations consultant, Steve has the experience, and network, needed to grow and improve your business. 




213 373 1270


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