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Testimonials & References

"Steve’s been a great consultant over the years, helping to guide us through the many difficulties of running and growing a business." - Richard Delery, Co-Founder, The Bag Stand Company

"Steve has broad experience in advising companies of all sizes and in all phases of their development:  start up, growth stage, mature company and exit strategy.  Steve and I have shared a number of clients in these stages of business progression.  With a strong foundation in the financial side of business, Steve is able to quickly identify the main issues and obstacles in a company's growth.  Among his strengths is the ability to provide owners and senior managers with very direct and sensitive feedback and recommendations for their companies, with no concern over internal politics.  I am happy to recommend Steve Nitzberg." - David Orr, SVP & Regional Manager, Manufacturers Bank

"Steve's insight into the efficient management of company resources is resounding, with his numerous years of experience as both a CPA and as co-owner of a multinational privately held company." - Soheil Rabbani, CPA, Rabbani Inc.

"Steve brings creative ideas, structure, and efficiencies to our organization." - Dr. David Gadish

"The advice and counsel that Steve has shared with our mutual clients over the years has proven invaluable on many levels." - Harry W. Friedman, EVP, Rosenthal & Rosenthal of CA, Inc.

"Anyone hoping to structure, grow, or re-structure their business needs Steve Nitzberg. He's the business doctor!" - Howard Leeds


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