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Hiring Consultants

Steve Nitzberg - August 2015


Having sat at both sides of the desk, I’ve sought consultants for my businesses and for my clients over the years. I’ve also, of course, served as a consultant to scores of businesses during my career.  In my role as consultant, I most often draw from my experience hiring consultants; I am constantly aware of what type of consultant I am because I so well understand the type of consultants that I have sought or encountered accidentally for my businesses or those of my clients.


Like many others, I have learned hard lessons about finding and hiring consultants over the years, often surprised by the low relative value provided by most consultants. I have been fortunate enough to encounter a plethora of intelligent, caring, knowledgeable consultants that genuinely add value to companies. I draw often from that network of proven consultants and am proud to refer them to clients…and vice versa. Finding quality consultants is rare enough, in fact, that I fold them in whenever I can find them.

The (Business) Doctor Is In

Steve Nitzberg - August 2015


Even when you feel perfectly healthy, you probably make it a point to see your doctor on a regular basis. You might go for a physical examination to ensure continued well-being and for the prevention of illness. You might talk with your doctor about nutrition, exercise and the latest research on heart health so that you can benefit from her expert knowledge. And should the doctor find something wrong with you, she can immediately get you started on a treatment plan. After your doctor visit, you feel more vital because you have new information to help you keep well or improve your health.


When did your business last see a doctor?

Your business needs to be examined by a specialist from time to time in order to ensure its own well-being. My primary goal in working with any business is always the same: to help maximize profitability and minimize risk, often by identifying business-ignored or otherwise unrecognized health issues. Over the years, I have diagnosed and cured many complicated health issues, which is why my clients refer to me as ‘The Business Doctor’.



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