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Steve Nitzberg - CPA - Los Angeles, California

"Steve's insight into the efficient management of company resources is resounding, with his numerous years of experience as both a CPA and as co-owner of a multinational privately held company." - Soheil Rabbani, CPA, Rabbani Inc.

Accounting & Finance

Steve cut his teeth in the world of corporate accounting, as a CPA counting the proverbial beans for large accounting firms and their clients, becoming intrigued by the notion that in an increasingly data-filled world, there wasn't enough application of the available data. Steve set out early on to understand which data is most important and how companies might leverage that data to increase profitability.


Ever since, Steve's aim has been to use available data and resources to increase a company's efficienies across all business units.  

Operations & Logistics


All of the theories and well-intentioned strategies in the world are no replacement for the value of efficient operations. Operational efficienices are borne of critical and innovative thinking, but also of careful planning and strategy. Meshing accounting and finance with operations and logistics in most companies is a delicate balance rife with obvious potential disagreements.


Business growth is sometimes a controlled mess, and in most companies' haste to hide that fact it can become difficult to reconcile budgeting theory and operational reality. Steve is an accomplished CPA and a proven operations/logistics expert. That's very rare.

Profit & Risk


Only when operationally and fiscally efficient can a company begin to properly weigh profit and risk. When a company is not fully realizing profit, it becomes highly unlikely that it properly accounts for, or even fully understands, its risks.


Business is filled with risk and, certainly, operating any company is an embrace of risk. Risk may very well be endemic to the entrepreneurial spirit, but it still must be gauged, calculated, understood, and allowed for. There is no profit without risk but measuring both the profit and risk of each business decision, and making those elements part of a larger strategic plan, is the foundation of controllable business growth. Steve helps maximize profit and minimize risk. 

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