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Our Expertise

Steve is the rare operations expert with extensive accounting and corporate finance experience. Leveraging the availability of increasing amounts of data from all business units, Steve couples sound financial and accounting principles with innovative operations thinking to maximize profit and minimize business risk factors. 

"Steve brings creative ideas, structure, and efficiencies to our organization." - Dr. David Gadish
Accounting & Costing

Steve came to the business world via traditional public accounting, as a certified public accountant in large conventional accounting firms. And while he has remained a CPA. throughout his career, progressively increasing responsibility and experience found him re-thinking profit and risk along the way, in industries as varied as fashion, textiles, real estate, and technology.


His grounding and education in traditional accounting provides a conventional foundation, but his experience in myriad companies and industries helps him see opportunties and/or risk where others often don't. 

Corporate Finance

Don't fool yourself; banking is about relationships.


Few in Los Angeles have built a network of banking relationships like Steve's. His history of aligning the right companies with the right banks and financiers is built on an ability to increase the value of a company by leveraging the people and resources already available. 


Steve makes firms more valuable. Banks and investors tend to like that. 

Operations & Facilities

With decades of experience across a multitude of companies and industries, Steve's expertise in supply chain management and logistics, warehouse efficiency, and employee empowerment and accountability have contributed to the standards by which efficient facilities and warehouses are operated and maintained nationwide.


Steve streamlines operations and facilities, almost always resulting in added profit to the bottom line.

Profit & Risk

Profit and risk almost always relate to strategic considerations. Too often, though, strategic planning is not fully developed, ignoring the relative weight of each strategic decision that formulates a company's larger vision or plan.


Sound strategic planning involves an intensive understanding of the strategic decision making and business risk factors unique to your business. What's the difference between strategic planning and strategic decision making? Learn more.


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