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Strategic, Operational & Financial Expertise 


Steve's unique position as an operations expert with genuine financial and accounting chops facilitates his combining of practical, business world experience with sound, sometimes innovative, financial thinking. There's no substitute for the breadth of Steve's knowledge and experience, but evolving methods of applying data and technology make for an ever-expanding tool box. Whether you are in need of business succession planning, part-time CFO/COO services, or a more typical business health analysis and review, contact Steve to arrange for a free consultation at your convenience. 

Succession Planning


Have you ever stopped for a moment to think of what your business will look like in the future? Sure, there might be robots and even unforeseen advancements but, really, who will be the people after you and what processes will they follow? Who will be leading your business when you are done?


You likely overcame long odds to build a successful company and you, perhaps better than anyone else, understand the risks and rewards that come from building and growing a business over the long term. Whether it's the end of your career, a transition to something different, or a planned sale or other type of exit, you'll need careful succession planning to ensure that the right successors are in place, that the tax burdens are identified and manageable, that risks are properly mitigated and/or eliminated.


If yours is a family business, Steve can help to ensure that it remains such after you leave and even plan a successful transition to a properly funded retirement plan. Let Steve help you with your business succession planning, personal estate planning, and family trust planning.

Part-Time CFO or COO


Having spent signifcant career time in the capacities of both CFO and COO, Steve is comfortable and highly capable in either chair. 


Be it from personnel changes, company re-organization, maternity/paternity leave, illness, or simple circumstance, companies often find themselves in need of a CFO or COO on a part-time basis. The reality, though, is that the majority of qualified CFO or COO candidates are currently working on a full-time basis. Because of this, highly capable executives with CFO and/or COO experience are not often in career positions to take on a weeks or months-long engagement.


Over the years, Steve has served in exactly these capacities, sometimes for clients with which he is currently consulting but more often for firms referred to him by regional bankers, executives, and others involved in the fashion and/or textiles industries. Steve's vast network, including his serving as Treasurer of the Fashion Industries Guild for more than two decades, puts him in front of a tremendous variety of regional influencers and thought leaders on a weekly basis. Hiring Steve as part-time CFO or COO ensures that your business is both fundamentally sound and well-represented professionally and personally.

Business Health Analysis


Over the years, clients began calling Steve "The Business Doctor." At some point it stuck, with even Steve adopting the moniker to briefly explain to colleagues, associates, and prospective clients exactly what it is he does. Having spent his career meshing the finance and operations worlds, Steve's operations expertise is virtually unrivaled within traditional accounting. The extraordinarily rare combination of skills and knowledge makes for an innovative perspective when analyzing, reviewing or, gasp, auditing any business. 


Be it an internal or external audit, a forensic accounting review, an accounting compilation, a company valuation, cashflow management, or just some simple small business accounting advice, Steve can thoroughly evaluate and assess the health of your business and its future. Steve's ability to glean insight into businesses returns knowledge and actionable data to business owners and shareholders. Ironically, you know by gut instinct that managing by gut instinct isn't sustainable. Isn't it about time you called the Business Doctor for a check up and prescription?  



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